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sexual energy mooladhara

No matter how often or how firmly I warn people about these dangers, they often think they know best and do it their own way regardless. While I can relate to this attitude, please understand that the warnings and cautions given in this article are very carefully thought out. They are not given lightly. All are based on hard firsthand experience and have been given for very good reasons. Heeding my advice on these matters will help avoid many unpleasant side effects, mistakes, and potential problems. This, in itself, will greatly speed overall development time. In many cases, where cautions are not heeded, problems will not arise immediately, but the conditions that allow potential problems to manifest have been created. A problem may thus arise later, or occur intermittently, especially if unwise energetic practices are continued. Most people who have ignored cautions and then come to me for help fully believed that they could safely take shortcuts to psychic abilities. This was something they wanted at any cost, without having to bother about all that seemingly time-wasting and boring old development stuff. More often than not, these people paid a steep price for their lack of foresight, through slowed or indefinitely suspended development. Breaking the rules here may gain a person some quick temporary psychic abilities, but at what price, I ask. At what price? Mental, psychic, and emotional instabilities are no laughing matter. These can have devastating effects on all aspects of life. A good example came my way recently. A young man e-mailed me about some advice I'd given in one of my very early online tutorials (published on the World Wide Web several years ago) not to overwork the brow and crown centers during primary center development work. He said that, after reading this caution, he had worked exclusively on his crown and brow centers for almost a month, just to see what would happen. He was most annoyed that nothing weird had happened — while I was most relieved. This type of reckless behavior totally defies logic and common sense. Another common reason for defying my cautions, I have found, is that people take advice based on people's experiences gained through using ineffective visualization-based methods. Because of the powerful nature of the NEW system's awareness-based techniques, anyone not fully experienced with them in the long term is a totally unfit adviser, no matter what their background or experience. I say this without reservation. There are right ways and wrong ways to do just about everything, and this saying particularly applies to the many aspects of energetic and psychic development. The development exercises given within these pages nurture psychic abilities in a safe and totally natural way. If these exercises are regularly practiced and not overdone, all warnings and cautions are duly heeded, and if a little common sense is applied as required, any latent psychic abilities will soon rise to the surface. These can then be used and nurtured safely and naturally, one small step being taken at a time. There are no safe ways to rush these matters.
Increased Sexual Desire

It is fairly well known today that primary-center energy work has the potential to cause a plethora of energetic problems, of which greatly increased sexual desire is probably the most well known. This fairly rare genital center problem is more related to kundalini energy than to normal levels of primary or secondary energetic activity. This is a potential problem only — something to be aware of but not overly concerned about. As with all potential energetic developmental problems, this is a common-sense matter. It is easy to spot the signs and rectify matters before they can grow into serious problems. Increased sexual desire can potentially become a problem with the NEW primary center manipulation and development techniques given in this book, mainly because of the very effective nature of the techniques used. Barring accident, however, deliberate misuse and sexual energy experimentation are the biggest causes for this type of problem. Problems normally will arise only if the genital center is deliberately focused on and actively stimulated. Body awareness can thus become locked into the genital center; it can then be very difficult to shift the focus of body awareness away from that area. If this is allowed to continue, it will not usually cause any lasting damage or harm — barring sexual and energetic exhaustion, of course. The solution is to quickly move body awareness and move on to the next exercise. If, however, body awareness tends to keep flicking back into the genital center of its own accord, discontinue the session immediately, break 80

relaxation discipline, and use the deactivation measures given earlier. Clapping hands and stamping feet are also good ways of forcing body awareness away from the genital center. If all else fails, a cold shower will normally do the trick. The ultimate cure for this malady probably is standing in a bucket of ice water, with both hands also submerged in iced water.
Chakra Wonder-Workers

There are people in the world today advertising their services, under many different tides, as energetic masters capable of opening primary energy centers (chakras) for other people. This service usually has a steep price attached to it, often thousands of dollars. They claim to have high levels of knowledge and ability, and that once chakras have been opened by them, psychic powers will be enabled in the recipient of their services. They claim they can save people many years of boring old development work. They offer a quick fix and an easy shortcut — for a price. Without exception, these people are frauds and charlatans, more interested in opening people's bank accounts than in opening their chakras, which they cannot truly do anyway. Activating a person's primary energy centers from the outside (often from a great distance) simply cannot be done. Persons like this, if they have any ability at all, may be able to cause a few energetic sensations in another person's primary centers (but in person only), by raising and directing energy into them. If at all possible, this would be a simple energetic transfer similar to healing. However, this will not have the intended long-lasting effect on the recipient's primary energy centers. The persons receiving this energy would feel no more by way of energetic sensations and gain no more benefit from it than they would get by raising their own energy and stimulating their own primary centers. It should be fairly clear by now that primary centers are not simple little mechanical devices that can be opened and shut with a few waves of a magic wand and some good intentions. Barring accident or natural ability, primary energy centers have to be nurtured out of dormancy and their supporting energetic structures developed and strengthened. This must be done in a balanced way or the energy body will become unbalanced, which can cause serious problems. The development of the energy body and its primary centers takes time, as long as it needs to take. Shortcuts and quick fixes are neither wise nor advisable.

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