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Rudraksha & its significance
When you think of Rudraksha, you think of a lucky charm whose power never seems to fade. Treasured by millions of people since centuries across the world, Rudraksha has a special historical significance. True-life stories abound of its incredible healing powers and amazing ability to provide tranquility and all-round self confidence to its wearers! Rudraksha in Sanskrit means ‘Red Eyed’ or ‘The Eye of Rudra’ and Rud means ‘To Cry’ and Aksha means “Eye”. Regarded as the seed of a fruit from a Rudraksha tree (Elaeocarpus Granitrus) grown in India, Malaysia and Nepal, a Rudraksha bead occupies a special place in Hinduism, and is credited with possessing mystical and divine attributes that offers lasting benefits to its wearers. Used for thousands of years, Rudraksha Beads have helped thousands of wearers to Self Empowerment and Self Enlightenment. They have been proved to possess electromagnetic properties that have a calming and therapeutic effect on the wearer’s human body when worn. Rudraksha have also been used with enormous success for treatment of various diseases in traditional Indian medicine. A Rudrakha seed can be worn around the neck on either a gold chain or a red thread. This does not produce any immediate results. This auspicious seed will benefit you only on constant wearing. This seed is believed to emanate positive energies from within, which when held close to your body at all times, will always bring you goodness and fulfill all your desires. The single faced seed is the rarest among all and is said to have more powers. Majority of our ancestral texts have mentioned the rudraksha seed to have immense medicinal powers that Activate the power points in your body Cure ailments Ensure moksha for spiritual people Bring wealth to materialistic people Defy death The science of Rudraksha By trying out the rudraksha for health problems, one can harvest the abundance of traditional cures that are still prevalent in our country. Scientific research suggests that rudraksha seed consists of electromagnetic properties that comprise resistance, capacitance, inductance and dynamic polarity. Our body naturally contains a bio-electric circuit which is a flow of energy from mind-body-mind. Disruption of this flow of energy may mostly cause stress and stress related ailments or illnesses. Another important process is the level of blood circulation in the body that has to be uninterrupted. Serious illnesses erupt from the thinning or clogging of blood vessels and arteries. Such undesirable occurrences can be avoided by wearing the seed of rudraksha. Scientific health benefits of Rudraksha The resistance property of the beads streamlines the rhythm of the heart and controls the natural bodily frequency thus producing good enzymes in the brain that regulates the overall well being of the body. The dielectric property of the beads removes the excess production of energy thus bringing back the hyperactive organs back to normalcy. The dynamic-polarity property of the beads aligns the charged particles in our body to the respective opposite charge. This action brings about a feeling of renewed energy. Rudraksha and Ayurveda Ancient ayuvedic scriptures have mentioned the cures that use rudraksha in various forms. This seed controls blood pressure, cuts risk of heart related diseases, cures lung and liver disorders, cures skin disorders, cures common cold & cough, cures measles, increases memory power, reduces stress etc. In most of the treatments the seed is either ground into a powder or soaked in milk / water (to be drunk on an empty stomach). Such remedies are to be taken only if prescribed by a certified ayurvedic healer. Hence Rudraksha is an unbreakable part of Indian culture and history whose healing properties are to be believed in and taken advantage of. "Mlechkhho Vaapi chandalo Yukto Va sarvapaatakai, Rudraksha Dharayedyastu Sa Rudra Natra sanshaya". The men who are Mlechchha, chandaal (impious and inhumane) or he who is full of all kinds of vices get the form of Lord Rudra. There is no suspicion about it. "Dhyaan dharan Heenoapi Rudraksham Dharaya Budhah, Sarvapaap Vinirmukto sa yaati, Paramam gatim." A man with meditation and perseverance and a wise man who wears Rudraksha gets rid of all the sins and attains the supreme goal of the human life. "Shiva Poojayam Asya Mala Dharana ma vashyakam". It means that Rudraksha mala must be worn at the time of worshipping Lord Shiva. "Rudraksha Kewalam Waapi Yatra Kutra Mahamate, Sumantrakam Wa Mantren Rahitam Bhava Varjitam" "Yo Wa ko Wa naro Bhaktya Dharyellajjayaapi Wa, Sarvapaap Vinirmukta Samyagjnanam An Wapnuyaat" Rudraksha can be worn by chanting mantra or without chanting it , with reverence or without it, with devotion or without it, with shame or without same i.e. with whatsoever procedure a man who wears Rudraksha gets rid of all kinds of sins and gets knowledge well. "Shiva bhaktya shantaya dadyadrudrakshashuttaman, Tasya Punyaphal syantam nacha ha vaktumats the Dhritrudraksha kanthaya yastvanna sam pryachchhatitri Saptakula mudadhritya Rudraalokam sa gachchhati." A Shiv bhakta i.e. devotee of Lord Shiva should be given Rudraksha for peace. The limitlessness of the result of its virtues cannot be described. A man, who gives food to the wearer of Rudraksha, reaches Rudraloka i.e. the kingdom of Lord Rudra after providing salvation to seven orders of his ancestors. If the wearer of the Rudraksha dies, he does not take another birth, he reaches the kingdom of Rudra. If a man who is wearing Rudraksha around the neck or an arm, dies, he lives in the kingdom of Rudra after providing salvation to 21 orders of his ancestors. A man who wears Rudraksha with Pearls, Coral, Crystal, Silver, Gold or other precious stone, takes the form of Lord Shiva. The devotee who worships Lord Shiva in the form of Rudraksha devotedly, becomes a king inspite of being poor. "Arudrakshadharo Bhootwa yadyat Karmach Vaidikam, Karoti Japahomaadi tat sarwe nisphalam bhavet" A man who perform Vedic rituals, chanting mantras, yajnas etc without wearing Rudraksha, gets no virtue or fruit. "Snane dane jape home vaishvadeva surarchne, Prayashchite tatha shraadhde deeksha kaale visheshatah, Arudraksha Dharo Bhootwa yat kimchit karma vaidikim, Kurvan viprastu Mohen NarakepatatiDhruwam." Failing to wear Rudraksha , a man who performs religious deeds/bathing, worshipping gods Vishwadeva to perform the penitence (repent) and shraadhda karmas (deeds for bygone souls) , at initiation, falls prey to innocence and worldly attachment and at last falls into hell i.e. his down-fall comes. It is the reason why a man should wear Rudraksha while performing religious activities. The wearer of Rudraksha not only makes Lord Shiva happy but pleases Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu, Ganesh, Kaartikey, Durga, Indra, Aditya and the ruling deities of the nine planets. No men, seers and scholars are tired of describing the importance of Rudraksha. Rudraksha is very much dear to Lord Shiva. Nobody can imagine the image of Lord Shiva without Rudraksha. Seeing, chanting and worshipping Rudraksha burns all the sins to ashes. A man can feel unlimited pleasure only by seeing Rudraksha. The wishers of devotion and salvation should wear it after purifying themselves. Mainly the devotees of Lord Shiva must wear it because it removes their numerous pains, sorrows, and calamities. Rudraksha fulfills all the wishes. It is peerless in the universe. It is the dearest ornament to Lord Shiva. If an innocent, un devoted and immoral man wears Rudraksha with love and faith, he gets rid of all sins and attains the supreme goal. As long as a man keeps wearing Rudraksha, he does not fear untimely death. He cannot die without completing his span of life. At the time of death he gets the true knowledge of Lord Shiva and His abode too. One should wear Rudraksha by all bits of efforts. Rudraksha Beads have been worn by mankind for thousands of years for good health, religious attainment through Japa and Shakti (power) and for the fearless life. Wherever Rudraksha is worshipped the Goddess of wealth always stays there. One can escape from untimely death by wearing Rudraksha Rudraksha assists in awakening of Kundalini (the self pleasure/pressure points). Rudraksha is helpful for worldly and heavenly attainments. Rudraksha can make the whole family live together in peace and harmony. Rudraksha is best known for its biomedical properties and in controlling stress, hypertension and blood pressure. Rudraksha help increase Self power and invoke Self love . They also enhance the Charisma of the wearer . Rudraksha can cure various dangerous diseases like small pox, epilepsy, whooping cough etc.and heal the most poisonous wounds, if used as a prescription, in a specified method. It gives peace of mind to the wearer, stimulates the mind and sharpens the intellect. 1 Mukhi Rudraksh It bestows happiness and revival from the miseries arising from loss of wealth. Prosperity or richness, luck, fortunes grow wherever it is venerated in House or put on in the body in the form of necklace. All forms of ill-effects related to wealth are dispelled. It boosts the concentration and will power of the wearer. According to Vedas it prevents diseases of head such as stroke, paralysis, etc. Ruling Planet: Sun Mantra: Om Namaha Shivaya 2 Mukhi Rudraksh It gives source of fertility in all living beings and the blessings of marital felicity. Fulfillment of material desires between husband and wife along with unity and love between each other. Garlanded it expands and maintain harmonious relationship within the family members. Good for impotence, infertility, left eye and Kidney. Ruling Planet: Moon Mantra: Om Namaha Shivaya 3 Mukhi Rudraksh Amplification of memory power and concentration on the subject are the prime effect of this rudraksha. It boosts the power of creative intelligence when garlanded. The wearer feels it by realizing success in his work, constructive resources, wisdom and knowledge. Good for - depression, retrograde amnesia, epilepsy, Parkinson disease. Ruling Planet: Mars Mantra: Om Namaha Shivaya 4 Mukhi Rudraksh The four face Rudraksha blesses wearer with creativity , communication skills and inner meditation. Wearing it prevents diseases of hypothalamus, cerebellum and medulla oblongata. Ruling Planet: Mercury Mantra: Om Namaha Shivaya 5 Mukhi Rudraksh Five faces is the most commonly available rudraksha. Wearing this rudrakshas removes the nature of human like Kama (Lust), Lopa (Greed), Mooha (Attachment), Krodha (Jealousy), and Ahankar (Unwanted Ego) thus bring sound health. Wearing in the mala of 54+1 or 108+1 in the collar is highly beneficial for people with heart diseases, blood pressure, stress, anxiety. Ruling Planet: Jupiter Mantra: Om Namaha Shivaya 6 Mukhi Rudraksh Six Face rudrakshas helps to build and increses emotional charecter. These charecter like Love ,Kindness , Attraction Etc will be good and strong .It improve the intellectual area in our brain which controls how to love and appreciate others. Good in the prevention of eyes, nose, throat, sexual organs, kidneys, and bladder related diseases. Ruling Planet: Venus Mantra: Om Namaha Shivaya 7 Mukhi Rudraksh Seven face Rudrakshas bring pleasure,peace ,cheerfulnesss,simplicity ,easiness and happiness in the person while wearing. It strengthen digestive system in the body. Good for preventing cold, cough, bronchitis, rheumatism. Ruling Planet: Saturn Mantra: Om Namaha Shivaya 8 Mukhi Rudraksh Eight faces rudraksha have the energies for success and destroyer of evils and obstacles. Eight face is a vital instrument in strengthening one's will power and converting even an enemy into a friend. It uses before new work/venture to bring good fortune in work and businesses or services is well influential. It is also the demolisher of arrogance, egoism and pride when adorned. Those people having mental troubles, insomnia as well as having habits of excessive expenditure finds eight faces the best remedy for the solutions of their problems. Diseases of stomach are prevented by wearing this Rudraksha. Ruling Planet: Rahu Mantra: Om Namaha Shivaya 9 Mukhi Rudraksh Energies from Nine faces manifests when evil forces threatened the very existence of balanced health of the wearer. Wearing it stimulates the nine hormones within the body. It improves will-power, body strength, invokes fearlessness, dynamism leading to a balanced healthy life. Those who are prone to fatal diseases of a mysterious nature will be benefited by use of nine faces. Nine mukhi beads will help to destroy sins, injustice, irreligion, cruelty, laziness and evil habits. Recommended for all kinds of diseases. Ruling Planet: Ketu Mantra: Om Namaha Shivaya 10 Mukhi Rudraksh Ten face one of the most powerful rudrakshas has wide variety of benefits.Wearing it attracts luck and prosperity, helps to attain wealthy life, works as divine protection tool from all kind of negative forces,energies and spirits .It calms the nerves, quiets the mind, and relieves depression.It brings out the inner spiritual energies leading to self healing . From the experiences with many people we have seen that it improves business and social life .It works as pacifier of all the nine planets dosha and malefic effects. Mantra :- " Om Namaha Shivaya " 11 Mukhi Rudraksh Wearing it one gets success in each and every work he/she do. Wearing of Eleven faces is accomplished by the family person for comforts and prosperity in family life, by unmarried for early marriage, by old and infirm for perfect health, by those under some threat for fearlessness and by Yogis and Sanyaasis for spiritual success of the highest order. In other words everyone gets fulfillment of their respective wishes. Good for diseases like chronic body pain, backache, alcoholism, and liver. Mantra: Om Namaha Shivaya 12 Mukhi Rudraksh It is believed to be the source of vitality and the physical make up. Wearing twelve faces improves variety of traits in an individual, both physical and psychological which helps them to move continuously with brilliance and strength in their life. It helps in one’s personal honesty and integrity, and the ability to command respect and authority, to impress and influence others. It is good for Job seeker and people looking for higher positions in work . Twelve faces improves leadership qualities and puts the person in forefront. It gives intellectual capabilities . Diseases like bone diseases, rickets, osteoporosis will get improvement by using it. Mantra: Om Namaha Shivaya 13 Mukhi Rudraksh It prepares the person to tackle the physical challenges you are likely to encounter in future. Even in difficult situations one can overcome with ease. Wearing this bead along with other rudraksha beads lead to faster manifestation of their result. According to the feedback received from numerous clients, wearing this rudraksha helps to attract opportunities for search of right partner, maintain relationship which are on the verge of breaking. It harnesses the strength and direction of the physical force that increases your personality, fires your emotions and passion, and encourages your mental endeavors and communicative skills. Mantra: Om Namaha Shivaya 14 Mukhi Rudraksh It is considered as the most precious divine Rudraksha according to Scripture. Fourteen faces invokes compassionate qualities making individuals more kind to living things. It maintains good health, increases prosperity and knowledge. Wearing or placing them in cash box, this rudraksha helps in making good profits in business, shows the power and capabilities of attracting clients to business. It has abilities of reviving stagnant business to speedy recovery and success. Practitioners shall be able to see changes in terms of monetary gains, a success in ventures and free from all financial difficulty. Wearer always feels very close to Lord Shiva and feels his breath with “Omkar” vibration. Wearing it prevents all sorts of diseases and he/she never suffer from any disastrous situation. This rudraksha completely protect the individual from Saturn Mahadasha ( Sade-Sati Dasha). Mantra: Om Namaha Shivaya 15 Mukhi Rudraksh Fifteen Faces create energies that impact the wearer's mind in improving intuitive, abstract and lateral thinking. In addition, the wearer finds high energy levels to put into action his thoughts and ideas leading Economical progress. Unconscious or conscious wrong doings in life are cleared so the person becomes free of sins and he/she feels fresh with new life. After its uses by many people it has been seen that especially old people who are debilitating and have frequent health problem finds it a very important remedy to keep the energy level intact to maintain their body for normal health. The energy level that emits from the fifteen face are good to maintain a constant promotion in jobs for those who are working in companies, good for those who are getting hindrances in their mobilization due to karmic imbalance. Mantra: Om Namaha Shivaya Gowri-Shankar Rudraksh Good for bringing harmony in all kind of relationship weather family relationship or relationship around the friend and people in society or working places. Peace and pleasure of family are tremendously increased. Wearing this rudraksha removes planetary obstacle in the person who has difficulty in marriage or search for life partner. Wearing this rudraksha maintains the yin and yang energy within the person.Wearing these rudraksha has been found very good for careers involving dealings with people, such as psychology, sales and public relations. Diseases like sexual problems, impotence and behavioral disorders are removed. Mantra: Om Namaha Shivaya 16 Mukhi Rudraksh Sixteen faces is used for multi-dimensional purposes. In ancient religious texts, saints and sages have been advised to wear sixteen mukhi Rudraksha beads for enveloping the wearer with positive energy, harmonious body function, peace of mind and prosperity. It has positive hypnotic properties so its good for attracting love and affection and appraisal from the people around the wearer according to the RudrakshaJabalopanishad. It has also been stated that fire, theft or robbery never touches the wearer as well as his/her Properties. In all kind of jobs, legal problems etc victories always follow the wearer. From the experiences that has been received from various wearers, sixteen faces is good for the following conditions as well: To win Legal problems To improve the chance of conception for the ladies To destroy the evil thoughts of enemies. Mantra: Om Namaha Shivaya 17 Mukhi Rudraksh Seventeen faces Rudraksha removes negativity and attract all success in life such as day to day life, love life, family life so wearer growth will be tremendous in all aspects of life. According to the scripture, wearing this bead Kundalini can be awakened.Experiences retrieved from the people who are wearing this rudraksha find this a best remedy for : Gaining unexpected money, attaining property, vehicles and all material assets. Circulation of high energies thus good for loss of energy, inability to do hard work or laziness. Provide strong power to speed up love, marriage and relationship with longevity. Help to relax and improve concentration. Mantra: Om Namaha Shivaya Nag (savar) Rudraksh Special kind of rudraksha with long protrusion from top to bottom (Like Snake) comes out from the rudraksha. This Protrusion has only one line on it and have a natural hole. Nag Rudraksha helps to overcome varieties of problems as follows: - Lack of self-confidence, lack of energy, unknown worries, fear. - Harmonious life in house and working places - Very helpful for those facing high financial crisis and debts. Nag rudraksha stops losing of money and increases the income so people can overcome this problem easily. Mantra: Om Namaha Shivaya Ganesh Rudraksh Ganesh Rudraksha is a typical kind of bead in which normal rudraksha gives a trunk shape projection in its surface. Vibrating diamagnetic and spiritual energies emitting from it helps to protect one from any unknown negative Energies. This Rudraksha has been found to boost the confidence, courage and inner strength of the wearer significantly. According to the ancient scripture, wearer attains all the pleasure of this world and of the world to come. Wearing will provide : - Positive personality. - Optimism. - Righteous conduct. - Safety and security. Mantra: Om Namaha Shivaya 18 Mukhi Rudraksh One of the rarest and powerful rudraksha,18 Faces Rudraksha provide spiritual as well as material energies related to protection, strength, success and removal of fear and worries(weak Mind) .Wearing it removes as well as prevent the negative energies of black magic coming to the wearer as well as to their property. Wearing this bead will help to completely remove fears and phobias, unknown thoughts and worries from the mind due to improvement in bodily function especially strengthening the autonomic nervous system. Its wearing is very useful to win over your enemies, success and all materialistic comforts. Even the enemies of the wearer become friends.18 mukhi Rudraksha is good for protecting from energies where there are malefic planets in natal lagna or when natural malefic are transiting in person life. 18 Mukhi Rudraksha is one of the best rudraksha for those people who are looking to get high position in political carrier. Helps to acheive fame , success and uplift the management capabilities to lead large population group I CAN HELP ANY ASPIRANT PROCURE AUTHENTIC BEAD DIRECTLY FROM NEPAL. DROP ME A MAIL REGARDING YOUR REQUIREMENT.


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